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About Me

About Me

Welcome to my private practice! My name is Maura Mavropulo. I am a certified psychologist and tarot psychologist. I live in Europe for more than 10 years, and I work online with English-speaking clients around the world. In my practice, I use traditional methods of psychotherapy along with other non-traditional methods.

My task is to help you find the source of your problems and ways to solve them. The reasons for contacting me may be difficulties in personal or social relationships, loneliness, procrastination, rejection of yourself or others not accepting you, adaptation to a new place, depression, fears, a desire to be heard and other situations. I work with adult clients only.


Training and Seminars

04.2018-05.2018 Education program of psychotherapy

  • “The system of happiness, psychological correction of experience and physicality”

10.2018-12.2018 Pražská vysoká škola psychosociálních studií

  • Communication techniques

  • Structured methods of logotherapy

  • Work with stress

12.2019- 04.2020 Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in St. Petersburg

  • Intensive CBT course for beginners

04.2020-09.2020 Beck’s Institute

  • Essentials of CBT

  • Depression Disorder

  • Personality Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

09.2020-05.2021 Person Center. Pražské mezinárodní centrum pro rozvoj člověka

  • 150 hours of internship. Attended therapy sessions and participated in an encounter group

09.2020-12.2020 UNYP Counseling Center

  • 150 hours of internship as a counselor

14.9 - 18.9.2020 Psychosomatic Clinic

  • 30 hours of internship. Theoretical, practical blocks, and seminars in a group of students

10.2021-05.2021 UNYP/ Coaching and Mentoring holding the EQA conferred by EMCC

  • 150 hours of internship

  • 115 hours of practical training as a coach

10.2021-05.2022 Tarot Psychology School

  • Intensive course for beginners

06.2022-08.2022 Tarot Psychology School

  • Intensive triplet course 

11.2022-06.2023 Tarot Psychology School

  • A course of Esoteric Layouts



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