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Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to Aaron Beck, founder of CBT, depression is caused by negative thoughts about yourself, the world, and the future. CBT tends to be short-term and focuses on the present and solving problems in here and now. The main goal is to identify negative and irrational thoughts to transform them into more positive or neutral one. As well as teach clients to be their own therapists to cope with the difficulties that trigger fears and anxiety.


Whatever the reasons for moving to another city or country, it is always stressful for the body and psyche. You need to adapt to new conditions and accept a new rhythm of life. It takes a different amount of time for each person, from several months to several years, to go through the stages of acceptance and adaptation to a new place. Psychological sessions will help you relax and look at changes from the point of view of a curious observer, which will help you adapt faster and cope with culture shock, as well as to find internal resources to overcome the crisis period.


Every day we automatically make thousands of decisions without even thinking about it. However, there are unexpected or new situations that require support and assistance in making decisions or facing their consequences. Going together through the options and make a plan would help you to see the whole picture of opportunities more clearly. As well as the ability to take responsibility and trust your instincts in making decisions is safest way for the psyche, and makes it more likely for you to achieve your goals.


Burnout can be caused by long-term stressful situations lasting months or even years. Your body and your psyche are exhausted. This is a dangerous condition to get over which is safer under the supervision of a specialist and people close to you. Recognizing triggers and causes can help change how you perceive certain types of situations that you face and minimize the effects of stress and possible burnout.


Individual counseling is an interaction and collaboration of the psychologist and the client. During the session, together we determine what is bothering you and what you want to work on. After that, we draw up a rough work plan and goals that you want to achieve during psychological interaction. Please note that in my work I use a cognitive behavioral approach (CBT), which means working together on your problems. I can help you find a better path for you personally, teach you self-help techniques, and so on. However, the result of what you achieve is up to you. I am your “navigator or driving instructor”, but pressing the gas, or standing still is always up to you. I will do my best to help and support you in moving towards your goals.


Are you looking for advice or would you like me to listen? This is not a psychotherapy session, with analysis and a further series of sessions. It's about when you want to vent, knowing that you won't be criticized and overwhelmed with unwanted or unsolicited advice. I will be glad to support you by listening to everything that you cannot or do not want to share with your friends/relatives; as well as a specialist I would direct your thoughts and emotions into the healthier or safer "pathway" (only if you need/want me to). Just like in the sessions, I guarantee complete confidentiality and complete acceptance of you as a person without criticism or any condemnation. Remember that even one talk with a professional can significantly alleviate the inner distress and find a way out of the current situation. One of the best options to improve mental health is the opportunity to express your thoughts and share


Tarot psychology is a projective technique and a holistic approach to solving a person's life problems through knowledge of the principles of the human psyche encrypted in the Tarot system. According to Carl Jung, a well-known Swiss psychiatrist, and the founder of one of the areas of depth psychology - analytical psychology, tarot represents a connection with the collective unconscious. Through the images of the Arcana, the tarot reveals what is hidden inside each of us, as well as what we project onto the world around us. The collective unconscious is the repository that contains the experiences of our ancestors. When working with cards, clients can understand their initial problems. This process is similar in some ways to the methods of the Rorschach test or thematic apperception test, where the subconscious mind is used to highlight "what it sees" in an image.

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