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Psychological consultation....................

60 min 1300 CZK

90 min 1500 CZK

+30 min additional 300 CZK

“Let’s talk” conversation...................

60 min 1000 CZK

90 min 1300 CZK

Coaching session ........................... 

60 min 1300 CZK

Package of 3 sessions x 60 min 3600 CZK

Package of 6 sessions x 60 min 7200 CZK

TaroPsychological consultation.............

60 min 1300 CZK

Tarot consultation .........................        

30 min  800 CZK

90 min 1500 CZK

60 min 1300 CZK

The payment is to be made in full prior of the ONLINE session as follows.

CZK Account

Bank Name: Česká spořitelna

IBAN: CZ93 0800 0000 0045 6753 9013


Account number: 4567539013/0800

USD Account

Bank Name: Česká spořitelna

IBAN: CZ45 0800 0000 0021 0579 0263


Account number: 2105790263/0800


Please state your name for me to know that it is from you.
Thank you!


Is there a 24-hour cancelation policy?

I see a limited number of clients a week so that I can provide the best attention I can to each
person. If you cancel on short notice, it is extremely difficult for me to fill your slot, so I ask that
you notify me to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.
There is a fee for late cancellations. This is standard procedure supporting mutual respect.

What if I forgot completely about our appointment?

I hope you don’t! I try to avoid this by text and email reminders. If you still forget to come to
your appointment, then you are responsible for the fee.

What if I can’t afford it right now?

Please discuss with me if my fee is a concern! I offer some lower fee slots for current clients
experiencing financial hardship or who are trying to manage with a reduced income during a difficult
life transition. If I can’t accommodate your financial situation, I’ll provide you with referrals.

Send Maura an e-mail to or call to +420 608 43 99 88
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